Core Values

Brighton Private School delivers a time honored mission for each individual who calls Brighton their school. Challenge, creativity, accountability, respect and kindness are key for students, their families and our staff alike. Our school community creates an environment rich in opportunities to explore, succeed and fail, think critically and build relationships which in turn instill self-esteem, autonomy and an “I can do it!” attitude.

Brighton students are encouraged to develop their own innate talents and develop their individual interests while balancing a rigorous and varied portfolio of studies. Their personalities and abilities are celebrated and nurtured, but also engaged with daily character building foundations. Addressing different styles of learning, age and developmentally appropriate expectations paired with hands-on activities are hallmarks of Brighton education and are reflected in students who are challenged yet engaged and motivated in the learning process. Outcome: a lifelong love of learning and skills applicable to daily life!

As Educators we pledge to provide the following experiences for our Students:

  • To instill a sense of autonomy, capability and positive self image in each child
  • To create an environment rich in opportunities for each child to learn from exploration, creativity, discovery and challenges
  • To create “mini” classroom communities within the school community, a family which includes our children, their families, our staff and their families
  • To provide our children with educators who delight in developing one on one relationships with each student, who excel in teaching strategies and techniques, who deliver constant quality of care and who, themselves are the ultimate role models for behavior and interactions
  • To provide curriculum for the academic, social, emotional and physical development of each child
  • To ensure that each situation or environment presented, is age and developmentally appropriate for our students
  • To constantly grow and learn as a school and a staff, so that we may always provide the best in care, education and employment for those in our family

As environment dedicated to the development of our students through a community based approach , we pledge to provide all members of Brighton School with these hallmarks of our mission:

For our Children

We believe that each child is unique and should be treated as an intelligent individual. We believe that each child has talents and potential, which will enrich the lives of each member of the classroom community. We believe in providing an environment, which allows each and every child the opportunity to explore their world in a way that is comfortable and interesting for them. We know that all children have different interests, strengths and styles of learning. We respect that each child has a different background, family unit, culture and view of the world in which they live. We believe it is our job to provide a loving, developmentally appropriate, engaging atmosphere, which fosters self-esteem and relationships as well as a solid foundation for a true love of learning.

For our Families

Our passion for everything we do is based upon supporting the health, happiness and Peace of Mindwe provide for each of our children and their families. We know that parents are our partners in the care, education and development of their child. We believe in, and support, their vital role in the home and as members of our family. We value the differences, beliefs and ideas of parents and strive to support those beliefs. We believe in developing solid, long- term relationships with our families, thereby creating an atmosphere of trust, honesty, respect and true adoration.

For our Staff

We believe that our customers, staffs and schools make up our “family” unit. We believe in building a staff from committed, educated and experienced individuals. We believe in educators who are passionate about their desire to teach and who constantly strive to make their classrooms a wondrous place for their students. We believe in continuing professional development, performance accountability and mentorship. We believe in a Team Based structure at every level, supported by administrators who work for their staff. We know that our staff shapes our future, that their talents shape our lives and their devotion creates the family we have today!

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