Our Philosophy

We believe that each child has specific needs and requirements. Therefore, the Before and After Program is filled with the other “Three R’s”: Relaxation, Recreation, and EnRichment (this also includes homework.) We believe in an environment that is filled with choices within a structure that the children themselves help to create. We believe that children learn the most through hands on experiences. They must be allowed to get involved in the process of creating and problem solving so that they understand and can apply the process.

We believe in an environment that is safe, clean, organized, loving, and age appropriate (and of course, fun.) We want parents to feel total confidence when leaving their children at our school. Parents should be consistently educated to the program, routines, teachers and normal changes.

Last but certainly not least, children need many opportunities to make friends and have fun. We believe in developing not only the basic courtesy skills but interpersonal skills as well. We believe in encouraging strong relationships between children but also between children and teachers.

Thank you for sharing your most prized possession with us! We look forward to many hours of fun.

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