Natoma Station

brighton-schools-building-natoma-station-folsomBrighton Schools Natoma Station

405 Natoma Station Drive, Folsom CA 95630
Phone: (916) 985-2222
Fax: (916) 985-6145

Private Elementary Vice Principal: Lezli Warburton
School Age Supervisor: Diane Wineland
Director of Operations: Shelley Wheeler
Chief Operating Officer: Christa Green

Brighton Schools Natoma Station Map

Our Festive Front Desk

Enter the lobby at Natoma Station and you will understand our goal of ‘WOW” for our children and their families. Beautiful decorations adorn the spacious lobby before you visit the eight large classrooms in the building. Designed from the best attributes of her older sisters (Granite Bay and Folsom) Natoma Station has an individuality all on her own. This space was designed for the “older” crowd with lots of room to move and plenty of areas to develop into enriching settings. You cannot miss our school vans in the front. Brighton Schools Natoma Station provides services and transportation to all of the Folsom District Schools as well as to Brighton Schools Granite Bay for our own elementary school attendees.

With access to soccer fields, baseball diamonds, roller hockey courts, basket ball courts, tennis courts and a large sand park, Brighton Schools Natoma Station is a School Age child’s dream. This school provides programs for older Preschool, Prekindergarten, School Age before and after, as well as our Private Elementary Programs (Kindergarten through 5th Grade).

Our Natoma School is also accredited by NAEYC


Natoma Station Administration
Diane, Sue, Christa, Jenn, Lezli