Parent Expectations

Food and Nutrition:

Brighton offers an am/pm snack as well as lunch that is included as part of our program. We serve all meals buffet style offering many choices. Brighton has a beautiful garden that helps to keep our salad bar stocked with fresh vegetables all summer long.

Care, Safety, and Supervision:

BRIGHTON SCHOOLS believes in giving parents “PEACE OF MIND”.

Safety and supervision is our number one goal.  We have many safety trainings that go above and beyond the average school. These beliefs help us to ensure our students are safe in all scenarios.

WAYS we ensure our students’ safety will in our program at Brighton Private Elementary.

EMERGENCIES – Brighton Schools students practice safety drills every month.  From fire drills to shelter and place.  We have a plan for it all.  Our teachers have a specific training session upon hire that delves into all scenarios of evacuation possibilities.

WELLNESS – We do a daily health inspection of every student upon arrival to our school.  We will continue to monitor all students throughout their day with us. We will notify the parents when a child does not feel well in order to curb any type of outbreak.

SECURITY – All of our schools are secured and have a passcode to enter.  Each parent will have a code that is unique to them. This code will allow them to enter our school during regular business hours.  Visitors must ring the doorbell to enter our building. All visitors must show valid ID upon arrival.

QUALIFICATIONS – All of our before and after school teachers are qualified and are trained in child development or related fields. Summer Camp counselors will have an additional 25 hours of training specific to summer.  In addition, all of the staff are put through a criminal background check, as well as, CPR/first aid training to ensure our staff will be top notch and provide the best care for our students. Plus all employees must complete 10 hours of professional development training per year.

TRANSPORTATION – All Brighton vans are equipped for nine passengers.  Our van drivers go through an extensive book training, ride along, and behind the wheel training before venturing out to pick up students. Brighton will provide the car seats for those children that fall under the current California Laws and regulations for car seats.

PLAYGROUNDS – Brighton Private Elementary School is located on Ernie Sheldon Sports Complex. The 10-acre sports park allows our students to utilize the sand park, soccer fields, baseball/softball fields, roller hockey, tennis and basketball courts. In addition, we have an amazing garden, in which, the students can help to weed, seed and water.


  • We clean our centers daily with safe, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Cleaning supplies are locked safely out of reach of children.
  • While other child care providers clean toys each evening, Brighton sanitizes toys throughout the day to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • We encourage children to wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs and teaching lessons about health and hygiene.

Parent Involvement:

Parents are important to us! We have an open door policy and encourage all of our parents to have an opportunity to have some fun! We love for parents to join us on our weekly field trips during the summer as well as assist our staff with the making of our annual haunted house. Our parents have many talents and we love for them to come in share those talents and traditions with us.

Character Development

Our goal at Brighton Schools is to nurture and support the development of each individual student to prepare them for a successful future in a global economy and with other people. No matter if they are a part of our Elementary Program or our After School Program children will develop and build upon specific skills to further their growth as individuals. Each of our expected school-wide student learning outcomes highlights the potential skills we strive to expand upon in the classroom.

Each of these skills are learned behaviors and must be nurtured through consistent guidance and everyday experiences that allow children to build upon the specific skills, both at home and at school.

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