Kindergarten Preparatory

Junior Kindergarten Program (age 4.7 by Aug 12, 2019)

Welcome to Junior Kindergarten! We hope you enjoy your time in our Kindergarten Readiness Classroom. We are so proud of our Jr.K program and the success it has offered to our families and their future Kindergartners.

Our Junior Kindergarten Program offers a balanced approach to academic instruction; play-based learning and free exploration. Our daily schedule includes circle time, an am and pm meeting time, outside time, academic centers (i.e. language arts, mathematics, writing, art, science) as well as open centers (i.e. library, dramatic play, blocks). All units of instruction are presented in many ways, both whole group and small group, to accommodate the many different learning styles and levels of our children. Our teachers create lesson plans from our core curriculum to include a variety of concepts, strategies, and materials beyond the expectations of the basic curriculum. Music, movement, art, literature, cultural awareness are emphasized daily. This is a Kindergarten Readiness classroom and all systems, strategies, and schedules were created to mimic the typical day in our own Private Kindergarten Program.


Curriculum – Our daily schedule provides a balance of activities, indoors and outdoors, with alternating periods for both quiet and active play. Teachers provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials that are selected to emphasize concrete experiential learning.

The goals of our Junior Kindergarten rooms are:

  • Foster positive identity and sense of emotional well-being
  • Develop social skills
  • Encourage children to think, reason, question, and experiment
  • Encourage language and literacy development
  • Encourage the development of number sense, estimation, and mathematical concepts
  • Encourage the development of a base knowledge for the world, people and communities
  • Enhance physical development and skills
  • Encourage and demonstrate sensible health, safety, and nutritional practices
  • Encourage creative expression, representation, and appreciation of the arts
  • Respect cultural diversity

Our core curriculum consists of hands-on learning in both phonics-based language and everyday math activities. Our Junior Kindergarten program uses Houghton Mifflin Junior Kindergarten. This is a complete, program based on strategies and basic kindergarten preparation concepts. It provides a wonderful framework for the teachers to implement the necessary skills and strategies needed for success in Kindergarten and life. Houghton Mifflin uses critical thinking skills, dialogue-based analysis as well as hands-on techniques for language arts, writing, math, social studies, dramatic play and most importantly, social awareness and skill sets.

Extensions – In addition to the core curriculum, we also provide instruction in Spanish, American Sign Language, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Computers. We also supplement with AIMS (Activities Integrating Math and Science), Math Their Way, and the Kindness Curriculum.

Classroom Environment – Come in and visit our Junior Kindergarten Room and you will see:
Children involved in a fun, intensive, interactive circle times. Centers which involve Language Arts, Mathematics/ Science, Art, Dramatic Play / Construction, Teachers and children interacting, discussing, pretending, reading and sharing. Children practicing reading skills, doing simple math projects, problem-solving, being kind and considerate, sharing, interacting with their peers, expressing a sense of humor, taking the initiative, and problem-solving. You will see teachers interacting with children, reassuring, praising, laughing, hugging, teaching self-discipline, developing the learning environment, fostering independence, and observing each child for assessments.

Summer Camp

Allow your child more time to make this significant change without rushing into a new environment unprepared academically and emotionally. We will give your child every opportunity to experience a Kindergarten class through a slow paced, fun and exciting program.

See Summer Camp HERE

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