About Us

Brighton Private Elementary School, teacher and childOur Private School was born from the need for something different. Throughout the years our parents repeatedly requested a continuation of our highly successful Kindergarten program. From there we opened a grade per year and continue to do so, with our final goal being  8th grade.

Brighton Private School strives to find the gifts within each student. Not all children find their talents through mathematics or language arts, but rather through music, physical movement, or natural science as examples. Our goals are to provide many different avenues to find each students’ strengths and interests and guide the information they need, through these venues.

Brighton Private School does not rely on test scores, but rather the application of information, to assess a student’s academic proficiency. We use standardized testing as a tool rather than a gauge, keeping in mind that some children test successfully and some do not, In addition, we support the decision to drive the curriculum in response to the needs of the children, not to the needs of standardized tests.

A well-rounded program makes for a well-rounded individual. At Brighton, students can rely on a strong curriculum of Language arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science which use our state standards as a base. In addition, students receive a strong foundation in a second language, art studies, music studies, physical education, character development and people studies. Our program strives to instill many different focuses and concepts for our students.


Our Staff

Brighton Schools Private School staff is made up of a strong team of education professionals. Our staff is hand-picked, peer interviewed and Brighton trained. We look for teachers with a strong base in Early Childhood Development and a significant background in the classroom. Many of our staff have been with Brighton for years and are true advocates of our mission and philosophies. We believe in and support on-going training, professional development, and advancement. Together we work for the betterment of the students, the parents and our program.


Enrichment Curriculum

Brighton Private Elementary School, young studentEnrichment programming is integrated throughout our curriculum. Music, art, physical education, technology, singing, dramatic play, Sign Language, creative movement, and Spanish are vital components of our program. We extend this learning experience by having the children involved in school performances, events, art exhibits, and field trips and interacting with guest visitors.