Mission & Core Values


  • To instill a sense of autonomy, capability and positive self image in each child
  • To create an environment rich in opportunities for each child to learn from exploration, creativity, discovery and challenges
  • To create “mini” classroom communities within the school community, a family which includes our children, their families, our staff and their families
  • To provide our children with educators who delight in developing one on one relationships with each student, who excel in teaching strategies and techniques, who deliver constant quality of care and who, themselves are the ultimate role models for behavior and interactions
  • To provide curriculum for the academic, social, emotional and physical development of each child
  • To ensure that each situation or environment presented, is age and developmentally appropriate for our students
  • To constantly grow and learn as a school and a staff,  so that we may always provide the best in care, education and employment for those in our family



  • We believe in differentiated instruction to reach each individual intelligence in the classroom.
  • We believe in a program that  “rounds out” our students through enrichment studies, well beyond the expected basics of education.
  • We believe in instruction that allows our children a hands on approach which is applicable in everyday life.
  • We believe in a teaching team, that as partners together, reflects the constant ability, desire and empowerment to create an educational, enriching environment without limitations.



Our goal at Brighton Schools is to nurture the development of each individual student to prepare them for a successful future in a global economy.  In each grade, students will develop and build upon specific skills to further their growth as individuals.  Brighton’s school-wide student learning results are:

Complex thinkers and problem solvers who:

  • can ask intriguing questions when learning about a topic.
  • collaborate and incorporate various viewpoints.
  • apply classroom skills to real life situations in order to solve problems and make thoughtful decisions.

Responsible citizens who:

  • make positive choices for the classroom and school community.
  • show responsibility through words and actions.
  • respect themselves, others, and the environment.

Academic achiever who:

  • masters grade level requirements.
  • strives to always do his/her best.
  • are self-motivated learners that set goals and work to achieve them.

Effective communicators who:

  • are able to communicate with peers and adults in social situations.
  • effectively communicate his/her point of view.
  • speak, read, and write effectively in English.

Collaborative workers who:

  • embrace and incorporate ideas and opinions of others.
  • develop and maintain positive relationships within diverse settings.
  • effectively share information and responsibilities.

Well rounded individual who:

  • are balanced academically and socially.
  • are motivated to choose healthy lifestyles.
  • locate and uses resources to make informed, responsible decisions.
  • continue to reflect upon individual strengths and weaknesses and strive for constant personal growth.

These goals provide the foundation for Brighton’s own Social-Emotional and Character Development Program.  How does this apply to the social-emotional and character development of our students?  If you consider the goal, many of the components that promote these skills are contingent upon specific character traits.  For more information, click here to see an overview of our character program.