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T-shirts, collared shirts, polos, sweaters and dresses may be worn in colors of white, maize/butter yellow, or forest green. Shirts should be plain or have the Brighton Logo.

Pants, skirts, shorts may be worn in colors of khaki and dark blue denim or navy (no fading, striations, or holes please). Khaki dresses are fine, however, no navy dresses or jumpers please. Tights should be in colors that complement the uniform such as white, green, navy, yellow. Bottoms should be plain or have the Brighton Logo.

Please gauge shoes and socks according to weather. Shoes must be flat (no high heels please) and have a back strap. Athletic shoes are the best and a must for days when students have PE.

Sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets are preferred in the school colors or gray. If you are unable to find outerwear that meets these criteria, please see administration for other suggestions. Outerwear should be plain or have the Brighton logo.

Student must wear their red Brighton “B” t-shirt and coordinated grey sweatshirt on cooler trips. Children will receive a field trip shirt and a grey sweatshirt, as part of registration.

Throughout the year Brighton offers apparel designed for our school and will meet uniform standards. These pieces are available for purchase. Other resources for plain uniform pieces are Old Navy, Gap, Lands’ End, and Target.

Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in a Formal Note of Reminder. Upon the 3rd issue of failure to comply with the dress code, the Formal Note will be sent home. After the 3rd notice, a phone call to parent’s will be made to bring the appropriate clothes. If this is not possible a $5.00 charge will be assessed to the account.

On Fridays, students may dress “out of uniform” but must abide by the following guidelines: all students are to be dressed appropriately for school and for the weather. In addition, we expect that their personal hygiene and grooming are addressed daily before school. All clothing should be comfortable, washable, sturdy, safe and easily managed by your child when using the bathroom. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be no shorter 5 inches above the knee. Shirts must cover their midriff; no spaghetti straps or strapless tops, please. Rubber soled shoes or sandals with heel straps are required every day. Accidents happen, students spill liquids, fall into puddles, etc. All clothing should be in good condition, free of stains, fading, patches, holes or fringes. Please avoid logos or graphics as well, except for Brighton graphics. A seasonal appropriate change of clothes, including socks and shoes, is therefore a must for every student and should be kept in their backpack. All clothing items must be labeled with your child’s first and last names.