Program Overview:

Academic curriculum at Brighton Private School includes not only the essential studies of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science but also Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education, Character Education and Community Involvement.  We are shaping young learners of all kinds to find and use their abilities as part of a valued community member.  We are preparing our student for academic achievement as well as creative exploration.  Every child has many strengths, talents and interests.  It is our job to identify these powerful, individual pieces and create students who are empowered by their own abilities.

Our program is standards based.  We do use the Common Core Standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards but we also use our own Brighton Standards developed over our 20 years of instruction. Because of our small class sizes, teacher to child ratio as well as our longer school day, we are able to maximize our curricula and instructional time.  The outcome is a robust and well rounded program, full of giving all students the opportunity to grow and succeed.  We implement our curriculums both through whole and small group instructions. Students are assessed regularly to identify strengths and development areas. We work in learning communities and through project based systems.

Brighton Private School is a blended learning environment.  With daily access to technology, students are able to build their computer skills while accomplishing academic tasks.  All classrooms at Brighton are equipped with net books or lap tops, interactive whiteboards and document cameras.  Web based programs such as X-tra Math, i-ready, Ten Marks, Raz Kids/ Reading A-Z, Spelling City and others are a part of student life at Brighton.  On-line programs not only allow children to practice skills at their own pace and level, but also provide important assessment or diagnostic data for the teacher.

We offer our general education subjects, in all grades, between the times of 8:00 – 11:45 am.  We use this core time to allow for teachers the ability to access other grades and their language art or math time for students who need challenge or remediation in those subjects.

Subject Overview:

Language Arts:  Reading, writing and strong mastery in language is essential to student success.  We bring language art concepts through all areas of our program with isolated lessons starting the day.  We currently use Houghton-Mifflin Reading California but will be adopting a new reading program in 2016.  In addition we access Write Source and Scholastic materials.  Each classroom has their own reading/ lending library and book fairs assist us in keeping our readers in good supply.  We also use blended learning resources on our classroom technology.  We access computer based programs Reading A-Z, Accelerated Reader, Spelling City and Starfall to support student learning.

Mathematics: Brighton Schools adopted Houghton-Mifflin Singapore Math in 2013.  This is a very challenging common core curriculum that works through different strategies to teach math skills.  Hands on manipulatives, textbook, workbook, whole group, small group and technology tools are used to assist in instruction.  We also utilize blended learning technology programs to support student work in classroom and at home.  Some of the programs we use are Ten Marks, X-tra Math, First in Math and online resources from Singapore Math.

Science: Using various resources that include Houghton Mifflin California Science, Brighton has developed its own Science curriculum as well as addressing the Next Generation Science Standards with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education.  Students enjoy many hands on experiences that are project or whole class based.  Often times, monthly projects that involve the family, are a science based focus.  We also utilize our school garden as a tool for science and nutrition curriculum.

Social Studies: Brighton uses Houghton Mifflin California for its Social Studies base curriculum.  However, we supplement with other resources and develop many of our own lessons to meet and exceed standards in this area.  Social Studies is taught in isolation but is also taught through Language Arts, Science and Character Development projects and lessons throughout the year. We also take advantage of monthly field trip opportunities to support many concepts and information relevant to Social Studies.

Physical Education: Brighton Private School maximizes its location on Ernie Sheldon Youth Sports Complex 10 Acre park.  Our physical education teachers use the amazing facilities (ball fields, soccer fields, tennis/ basketball/ roller hockey courts) to implement PE twice weekly for 50 minutes a class. Physical Education is separately scheduled from our free/ recess time.

Spanish By Sombrero Time: Sombrero Time is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in age appropriate language acquisition. This is a completely immersive Spanish program taught by highly trained, native Spanish speaking teachers. Spanish classes are taught for 30 for 4 times a week from a full curriculum. Our goal is to develop students who are exposed and comfortable to a full immersion atmosphere. For more information on the philosophies and practices of Sombrero Time visit their website at

Music/ Performing Arts: Brighton has a robust and creative music program.  Taught in isolated lessons by a qualified Music Teacher, 45 minutes a week, music is a combination of theory, genres, artists, history, basic music reading and familiarization with instruments. Music is also implemented throughout the course of a normal day within the general ed curriculum.  Music class also lends itself to the two annual performances, the Holiday Cantata (December) and the Spring Musical (April/ May).

Art: Is taught in the classroom, in isolation for 45 minutes once a week. It is also evident throughout the days and weeks as children use art and its properties in their regular program. Our comprehensive Art program explores different mediums, artists, art theory and techniques.  Every month our students sessions culminate into an end work of art.  We host and End of the year Art Auction and Open House which showcases both individual and collaborative art pieces.  This fundraiser and family evening draws bids to earn money for our school as we teach students the value of being a patron of the arts.

Character Development: Throughout the school year, each month will focus on a particular skill or two. Teachers will define and apply the skill in reference to students’ interactions and relationships as well as to their schoolwork and responsibilities. Once the skill is defined it becomes a solid part of the student body vocabulary and behavior expectations. Awards for students who have excelled in a particular skill will be given once a month. Our goal is to identify at least one of these strengths of skill per student.