Physical Education

welcome physical educationPhysical EducationThrough the physical education program, it is paramount that students learn a variety of important life skills which include movement skills, knowledge, and behavior/social skills, over the course of each school year.

Some of these skills include:

  • locomotor
  • non-locomotor
  • manipulative
  • team-building
  • social interaction
  • cognitive concepts linked to fitness
  • wellness
  • skill development
  • social skills

We want all students to be competent in a variety of fundamental motor skills, because these skills enhance everyday living. The acquisition of fundamental motor skills are essential to improving one’s overall fitness and key in leading an enjoyable active lifestyle. Moreover, we want all students to develop an understanding of the importance of lifelong fitness and skill building concepts. It is important that we instill healthy living and activity knowledge, skills, and disposition at a young age in an attempt to impact positive lifestyle choices and patterns for the long term. We believe that classes should be based on activities that promote fun and more importantly, learning. By participating in a variety of enjoyable physical activities, our mission is to help students discover the benefits and strength of living a healthy and active lifestyle. All students should be able to use their physical education class to develop a sense of creativity, imagination, and unique expression. In doing so, they will be able to develop individuality and use their time in the physical education setting to grow as an individual. “Physical activity instructional settings hold the potential for such development because as environments they are emotional, interactive, and attractive to kids. Life in PE provides seemingly unlimited opportunities for intervention and for the demonstration of personal and social qualities, not only in games but also in exercises, drills, discussions.

Mr. Cam


Mr. Cam