First Grade


Our First Grade class is an exciting second year of school just waiting to happen. So many opportunities abound in this room. Chances for friends, independence and self discovery are so important this year. We focus on creating an atmosphere where each student feels safe to reach out and explore while still feeling the comfort of a familiar system. Many of the classroom practices such as circle time and center rotations live in the first grade room but take on their own feeling as the students grow and mature.

First Grade offers many firsts in academics. Because of our hands on philosophy and practices our students excel in mastering these new concepts and strategies. This program has similarities to their Kindergarten year, so our students move easily into this class. They are able to prepare themselves for the next level of education.

Take a look at our Quick Facts sheet for all the great highlights of our program. Feel free to drop in anytime for a visit. We would love to meet you.

Mrs. Elyse Brett

elyse brett first grade

Mrs. Brett