Fourth/Fifth Grade


Our fourth/fifth grade classroom is an encouraging environment for students that are climbing the elementary ladder and on the way to middle school. Our days are structured to prepare our students for the pivotal and task of moving on to their next step in their educational careers. Fourth/fifth grades continue to focus on a classroom community atmosphere as well as independent activities that help students become self motivated, organized and well-prepared individuals for school and life.

Our students benefit from lower teacher to student ratios, and are provided cooperative learning opportunities along with character education and a rigorous academic environment. We provide individualized education that extends above and beyond the mainstream curriculum. Along with multi-step projects, the students are able to experience monthly field trips that expand the content of the California State Standards and provides experiential learning that promotes higher level thinking skills. We look forward to working directly with our students in and out of the classroom to facilitate their exploration and learning experience.

Check out Fourth Grade Quick Facts, or Fifth Grade Quick Facts,  for more information about our programs.

Ms. Kayla Prior

kayla Fourth/Fifth Grade

Ms. Prior