Our Kindergarten program is constructed with a simple goal in mind: To provide your child with a first school experience that makes them want to return day after day, year after year. In short we want our Kindergartners to love school and feel great about everything they do here. All of us place a huge focus on building relationships with our families, positive and loving interactions with our students and creating opportunities for developing great self-esteem on a daily basis. Our academic program is designed to create success at every level so that wherever a child is in their own development, the program will offer the chance to accomplish goals.

We have been very successful in putting together a Kindergarten program which graduates students with academic skills that provide an exceptionally strong base for the first grade and habits which follow them further. Our full day allows us to take our themes, strategies or the skills we wish to practice, to the next level. Brighton

Schools Kindergarten students enjoy their full, structured, active, hands-on day and are always challenged in fun and interesting ways.

Take a look at our Quick Facts sheet for more info on our Kindergarten Program. Come in and visit us anytime, we would love to see you.

Mrs. Sanders & Mrs. Shamblin

Mrs. Sanders

Mrs. Sanders

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Mrs. Shamblin