Summer Camp Registration now open!

Summer Camp Registration now open!
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My name is Diane Wineland and I am the Summer Camp Director for Brighton Private Elementary School.  Here at Brighton, we have an AWESOME, ALL INCLUSIVE summer camp during 10 weeks of summer.  We have entertainers, wild wheels days, weekly trips to the pool, field trips every Thursday, as well as hands-on fun projects on site with an age appropriate group.  Please take a look at all of the information attached.  There are two ways to enroll…fillable forms attached, or

Register online Please let me know if you have any questions about our program, or would like to set up a tour.  Registrations are now open to all families.  Cost is $155 per child.

Find out more information here.

Get out your swimsuit, towels, and sunscreen and get ready to SUIT UP for an awesome summer!  It’s gonna be LEGENDARY!

Your Friendly Summer Camp Director,

Diane Wineland

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