Catherine Beckman

This is our first year at Brighton…….I am IMPRESSED so far with the entire staff AND the program! The school is quite
quaint which my kids love. The classrooms are great in size, incredibly welcoming and set up nicely for each grade.
The kids have an area for their books, backpacks and personal belongings without being crowded.

The teachers know all the kids since the number of kids is low(compared to public school!) It’s nice that
my son’s 3rd grade teacher knows my daughter who is in 5th grade. All the staff, from the music, art and spanish
teacher down to the fabulous, happy and very accommodating office staff are what make the school feel so cozy, warm
and inviting.

The staff is trained for emergencies of all kinds, the front doors remain locked and are unlocked by a
parent with code access to keep our children safe! After all the horrible attacks at schools all over the country,
that really makes me feel better. I have total confidence in these group of well informed, trained, and watchful

As for the curriculum and program. YES!!! They are already doing homework and loving it because they feel the
pride of doing their work and being rewarded for it. My kids WANT to learn because the environment is a perfect setting,
their teachers ROCK, and they have new pencil sharpeners that somehow make reading and writing more fun!!! I think
I can honestly say after only one week at school that “I’m not smarter than my 5th grader!”

I recommend enrolling your child at Brighton at Natoma Station. It’s really a great school and the parents
are awesome. Parents are big on helping out to make the experience of learning a social, fun and rewarding good time.
Check it out…..I did and now I’ve got both my kids enrolled!!!

Kimberly Higgins

Brighton is a wonderful place for children! The staff is amazing. They are attentive to the children and parents, creative,
caring, and focus not only on academics but also on children becoming good citizens. Children are give a variety
of experiences in the classroom, through activities and field trips. They have the opportunity to garden, learn another
language, art, physical education and music! I don’t worry about my children when they are in school or participating
in the before/after program. I am proud to be a part of the Brighton Family.

Sean McCann

We have a daughter who just finished first grade and another daughter starting Kindergarten. We love everything about Brighton.
Year around – from school to after school to summer camp – my kids can’t get enough. As a parent, I appreciate their
constant communication and flexibility. This is a very family-oriented school with quality education. Highly recommended.

Tisha Reese

Both my kids attend Brighton, Jayla (3yrs old) attends Brighton Daycare and Jadin (6 yrs old) Kindergarten/Summer Camp now
starting 1st grade. I feel both my children are in the best hands and very happy with the relationship I have with
the administration team. Every week Jadin looks forward to the next new field trip adventures, I enjoy watching her
grow both socially and academically.

Sue Caldeira

Brighton Schools Natoma Station is hands down the best Private school and Before/After program in all of Folsom.

Diane Wineland

All three of my children grew up as “Brighton Children”. Now, that they are teenagers, I must say, that the care, love and
education they received at Brighton was the best building block for them to succeed! Eight years ago, I went through
a separation, and was taking on my three small children on my own. Brighton was there for both me and my children,
giving us the EXTRA love and support that we needed at that time. From their first days, building their self esteem
to giving me “peace of mind” as a parent, we could not have asked for anything better. To this day, my children still
remain friends with the children that they met at Brighton when they were 2. My children are bright, confident, caring
young adults, who had an amazing education at Brighton. I am a proud parent of three honor roll students, active
in sports and the theatre, with one heading off to college! Thanks to everyone who helped to shape my children into
adults, who one day will make a difference in this world! Of course the SUMMER CAMP is the best in town, and allowed
them to go on some great trips, learn some fun songs and make memories that will last a life time! We are so grateful
for Brighton Schools! SHINE ON!

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