Character Development

Today’s students are tomorrow’s inventors, innovators, artists, caregivers and leaders. Our school recognizes the opportunity we have, as the “village” for our students, to provide them with a foundation in skills and knowledge. We know that every relationship, every success or every failure is a building block that creates a whole individual. By providing an environment that is stimulating, creative and personal, we teach our students how to thrive individually while positively contributing to their community. Our school educates different learners through a varied and robust curriculum coupled with passionate instruction.

The Brighton community provides a solid foundation not only through academics but also through citizenship. Creating students who are also good people, who look to solve problems, help others and be the best they can be sets an example and shows us our future leaders.

We model and practice citizenship daily. We focus on characteristics of integrity, strength, individuality, honesty, and compassion as we learn next to different people every day.

Brighton is truly a village. Every child, every family member is known at Brighton. Teachers or administrators develop close relationships with students and this allows for a positive relationship where we are encouraged to follow the Golden Rule.

We also implement Citizenship and Character Development into the academic planning. Throughout the school year, each month we will focus on a particular skill or two. Teachers will define and apply the skill in reference to students’ interactions and relationships as well as to their schoolwork and responsibilities. Once the skill is defined it becomes a solid part of the student body vocabulary and behavior expectations. Awards for students who have excelled in a particular skill will be given once a month. Our goal is to identify at least one of these strengths of skill per student.

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