Elementary Program

So often, parents pay us a common complement during their first visit to our campus. They are charmed by our atmosphere and impressed by our program. Student work, beautiful art and candid photographs fill our walls. Friendly staff members and engaged students greet visitors proudly. Our school possesses an individuality in program, community and setting.

Language arts, math, science, social studies, character development, second language, fine arts, technology and physical education are the backbone of our academic program taught by creative, passionate teaching professionals. Our faculty has developed our program to satisfy not only the Common Core and California State standards but to build competencies in our students that rely on the critical thinking skills needed to apply those standards.

Students at Brighton are bright and confident. But they are also individuals with different needs, learning styles and academic levels. Every student is engaged daily through a variety of research based instructional practices designed to scaffold them to the next level of learning. Our small class sizes and lower ratios provide teachers the opportunity to make this a reality. Every student receives the level of instruction that is appropriate yet challenges them individually.

Academic life at Brighton is diverse. Students experience a curriculum that is developed to connect them to their world and community. Cross curricular planning allows teachers to integrate concepts and material between subjects so that students understand how their skills in math are relevant while studying science; how language arts, fine arts and music interrelate.

Developing competent, thoughtful and empowered students requires a careful plan by our adult community. Teachers and parents partner together to support each child’s academic, creative and citizenship goals. Students thrive when they see their own skills and relationships blossom. Being part of the community, whether it is the school community or their own neighborhood, holds an unparalled importance when children are able to connect with their own skills and knowledge. Brighton is a special place to be. Our academics are only one area of the whole person we strive to develop in our amazing students.

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