A Solid Foundation


An Investment in Knowledge
Pays the Best Interest

– Benjamin Franklin


Good education is an investment in time, support, knowledge and practice. It is also the best foundation we can offer to each child to build on their innate talents and to conquer those areas that challenge them. Good education is a balance of community, inspired instruction, a deep well of resources, solid parent involvement and endless encouragement.

Curriculum and instruction are key components to a well rounded student, standards mastery and preparation for junior high and high school. Brighton Private School uses a variety of published and teacher created materials that not only support the standards but also allow a seamless transition to the upper grades.

Our base curriculum for each subject are California adopted programs. Each program is chosen by our teachers for rigor, rich content and for flexibility. Because our academic programs are based on the level of skills demonstrated, our curriculum adapts with our students, allowing for the time that is needed to deliver deep, meaningful instruction and understanding. Conversely, students or classes that demonstrate accelerated mastery of concepts can move on to the next lesson in a shorter time frame. In addition to our base curricula, teachers build in additional information, activities, and related studies to enrich their grade level further.

Data driven instruction and lesson planning emerges from purposeful assessment, observation and reflection. Brighton students perform formative assessments throughout the year and summative assessments at the end of each trimester. Multi source data provides a guide for teachers to differentiate their instruction based on student needs.

Students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades participate in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. This is a standardized test that is normed nationally and provides information to these grade level teachers as well as our faculty as a whole.

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