Fifth Grade

Every student brings something wonderful to the table every day. Fifth grade students possess a confidence and leadership that are the ultimate role model for the school. Always eager to learn, the upperclassmen of Brighton Schools know the subjects they love and the ones that still challenge them. They know the best systems for success and are able to offer support to their peers in the grades below.

Explorers, writers, trainers, researchers, and problem solvers, our fifth graders take on a lot of titles and roles as they learn to think critically or abstractly . Learning how to look challenges and develop a solution is an important job. Working with others to bring the solution to fruition is a success we support beyond just identifying the problem. Encouragement and support from the instructional team encourages our fifth grade students to take purposeful and calculated risks and own all outcomes. Students work individually or with groups to mimic 21st century work habits. Connecting with others who think or act differently and to navigate through those differences to a peaceful and productive environment is one of the most important skills our future leaders will have.

Preparing for middle school curriculum, managing expectations, study habits, and the social scene takes many levels of focus and organization. Accountability for school work is built- in through class assignments as well as homework and projects. Developing independence and reflection gives children the tools to tackle the toughest assignments with confidence. A 4-day visit to Westminster Woods is an annual highlight. It challenges students to push themselves and meet unfamiliar circumstances with solid critical thinking strategies no matter if they are facing a ropes-course or teambuilding activity. Projects in fifth grade are multileveled and link standards across the subjects. Projects utilize research on the web, power points, building models and writing pieces. Class presentations are based on multiple levels of knowledge, articulation and audience engagement. Art, Music, Spanish and PE instruction teases out talents and offers students the chance to create, perform, and excel on a very individual level. Specials instruction also provides wonderful opportunities to work as a group to bring beautiful work or performances to life.

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