Fourth Grade

Community, leadership, growing independence, enthusiastic learning, skill mastery and fun are all great descriptors of our Fourth Grade. No matter the unit of study, the room comes alive with collaborative conversations and projects; the details and excitement of which truly infiltrate our whole school. Writing projects, such as creative stories, poetry or persuasive essays accompanied by detailed art, are enjoyed by all members of our school community. Addressing math problems through modeling, quantitative and abstract reasoning, critiquing responses as well as applying real life scenarios are important practices that predict math success and provide lively discussions.

Individual instruction is tailored to meet student needs, addressing unique learning styles. Peers also provide academic support. Classroom communities facilitate project based learning in which cross curricular aspects pull different areas of study into major presentations. California history takes center stage in Fourth Grade and projects like jumbo cookie maps outlining regions takes participation from each group member. Trips to Coloma or nearby Sutter Street are relevant experiences to our students. Activities such as reports or presentations documenting these trips build attachment not only to our student’s immediate community but also link it to the important history of the state; we are in a Gold Rush town after all! Dedicated scientists emerge in fourth grade, ready to take on the wonders of biomes, energy and the solar system. Technology is regularly accessed to aid in research and presentation of reports. Hand- built models or scrapbooks provide fun ways to present knowledge and showcase at our Art and Science Open House.

Teamwork, leadership, project management ,and organization are an important focus in Fourth Grade. Developing the individual characteristics of self reflection and selflessness bring together a classroom that solves problems and develops new ideas for the betterment of the students, class, and school. These characteristics also affect their work in Physical Education, Art, Music and Spanish. Themed art lessons produce a collaborative class art piece in the style of a recognized artist, to be auctioned at our annual fundraiser.

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