Second Grade

The Second Grade year is full of discovery in an ever expanding world. Students in this grade are developing a deeper understanding of their responsibilities, their community and their place on our planet. Good citizenship becomes a more tangible trait as their comfort within the academic environment grows into a familiar and comfortable setting. Confidence plays an important role as Second Grade students take on beginning leadership roles within their class and the school as a whole.

Our Second Grade class is full of scientists, reporters, writers, gardeners and mathematicians, each finding their own individual strengths, interests and talents. Passionate readers and inspired writers begin to bloom as their language skills offer new ideas and ways to express them. Math lessons take on new meaning, as critical thinking skills and the approach to problem solving stretches to higher level math concepts, bigger numbers and fact fluency. Social Studies provides a rich framework for students to understand the members of our community and their impact on our lives. Science holds one fun adventure after another whether it is working in our school garden or a field trip to the Fish Hatchery to learn about life cycles.

Instruction and hands on sessions in Specials classes, Art, Music and Physical Education, foster individual creativity, interests and abilities. Inner performers are more than happy to come out and wow the crowds at our Holiday Musical or Holiday Cantata. Focused art techniques blended with “out of the box” thinking produces art no matter the theme, influence or medium. Spanish instruction is intense and builds confidence, skills in all areas of second language acquisition. Students often impress their parents during dinner with the Spanish conversation flows.

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