Music/Performing Arts

Studies show that the benefits of implementing music into education are too great to ignore. Music encourages higher level thinking skills through creativity, analysis and evaluation. When students are given opportunities to express themselves, they develop a deeper sense of self that builds their confidence and nurtures positive growth holistically. Brighton honors the arts within our elementary classrooms.

Brighton has a robust and creative music program. Taught in isolated lessons by a qualified music teacher, 45 minutes a week, music is a combination of theory, genres, artists, history, basic note reading and familiarization with instruments such as recorders, boom whackers, and ukuleles. Performance is tied to our Music Program as our school performs both an Annual Holiday Cantata in December as well as a Spring Musical in May. Practice for these performances not only showcase musical abilities but also includes dramatic elements such as acting, singing, prop / set design, costumes and dancing.

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