Physical Education

Active, healthy children are engaged and enthusiastic learners. Teaching children fundamentals of healthy living, introducing them to new concepts about how their body works or moves, and building skills in games and teamwork are all key elements in the development of the whole child. Physical Education not only builds small and large motor skills but it develops confidence in all types of children.

Brighton Private School maximizes its location on Ernie Sheldon Youth Sports Complex 10 Acre park for our program. Our physical education teacher uses the amazing facilities (ball fields, soccer fields, tennis/ basketball/ roller hockey courts) to implement PE twice weekly for 50 minutes a class.Through the physical education program, it is paramount that students learn a variety of important life skills which include movement skills, knowledge, and behavior/social skills, over the course of each school year.

Some of these skills include:

  • locomotor
  • non-locomotor
  • manipulative
  • team-building
  • social interaction
  • cognitive concepts linked to fitness
  • wellness
  • skill development
  • social skills

The acquisition of fundamental motor skills are essential to improving student’s overall fitness and key in leading an enjoyable active lifestyle. We want all students to develop an understanding of the importance of lifelong fitness and its connection to other areas of life.. It is important that we instill healthy living and activity knowledge, skills, and disposition at a young age in an attempt to impact positive lifestyle choices and patterns for the long term. We believe that classes should be based on activities that promote fun and more importantly, learning. By participating in a variety of enjoyable physical activities, our mission is to help students discover the benefits and strength of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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