Second Language

Second Language: Spanish

Brighton School is very proud to offer a rigorous and immersive Spanish Program. Our partners in delivering this program is a successful company called Sombrero Time. The Sombrero Time Program is a 100% immersive Spanish program taught by highly trained, native Spanish speaking teachers. Spanish classes are taught for 30 – 40 minutes, for four times a week from a full curriculum that develops reading, speaking and writing in Spanish. Our goal for each student is to provide a firm base in Spanish both in receiving and producing the language. This is a great preparatory class for Junior High and High School.

Sombrero Time’s Immersive model maximizes student engagement and learning through the following implementation:

Immersive – supports instruction of ”Spanish in Spanish”

Benefit – Provides the progression of curriculum and content so that teachers can stay in Spanish as they teach Spanish. The immersion process builds lasting benefits your students can mobilize, developing functional language in Spanish.

Systematic – ensures organized and effective delivery of curriculum

Benefit – The system employs the use of monthly unit overviews, weekly objectives and daily lesson plans. Each level of curriculum is divided into 8 units with over 140 daily lesson plans, covering a whole year of Spanish instruction.

Structured – ensures predictable and reliable content progression

Benefit – Sombrero Time curriculum follow a predictable and balanced daily lesson structure so that the teacher will develop skills in all four areas of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension.

Scripted – simplifies planning with clearly outlined activities

Benefit – Scripted daily lesson plans eliminates the difficult job of planning which allowing teachers to focus on content delivery. Teachers remain nimble and can adjust for the individual needs of their students.

Thematic– promotes common, functional language

Benefit – Vocabulary is presented in themes to insure that common, everyday language is covered and topics are highly interesting for students.

Comprehensive-develops all four areas of language

Benefit – To develop bilingual and biliterate students, reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension skills all need to be included in the daily lesson plans. These activities are aligned to California World Language Standards.

Integrated Assessment– provides benchmarks and student goals

Benefit – Allows teachers to track student progress, individualize classroom instruction and provide feedback to parents and administration, using student learning objectives and unit benchmarks.

For more information about Sombrero Time go to their web site,

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