Before/After School and Camps

Fun, Friends and Fantastic Activities- that is what our School Age Before and After School Program is all about. Brighton Schools loves its School Age children and all of the energy, laughter and great times they bring. We believe that School Age children are a very special group! They are like no others. They are still children, yet they are on the verge of young adulthood, preparing themselves everyday for new challenges and adventures. It is our goal to help them meet those challenges, enjoy the adventures and smile the whole way! Our program strives to create an atmosphere that children age 5 (in Kindergarten) through age 14 (8th Grade) WANT to experience. Therefore, we have created our Before and After School Recreation Program with the other “Three R’s” Relaxation, Recreation and EnRichment (this also includes time to do homework)!

What sets Brighton Schools School Age Program apart from all of the others? WE DO! Our staff is interactive, energetic, personable and professional. They help create the great activities, clubs, camps, special events and the team atmosphere in our School Age Program. We work together with our School Agers, to implement a fair and consistent discipline policy, positive reward systems and a respectful environment. We involve them in decisions about their program and activities. We encourage them with empowerment, celebrate their individuality and support them with our guidance. Above all, we focus on the relationships that are built here. Our goal is to provide fun, but our mission is to make opportunities for friendship and lifelong memories. Come in and experience a School Age Before and After Program where parents have to convince their children to come home with them at the end of the day!

Thank you for sharing your most prized possession with us! We look forward to many hours of fun.

Our fantastic Before and After School Program is loaded, and we mean loaded with great things to do, see and experience. Our program is based on our seven enrichment components: ART, SCIENCE, SPORTS, COOKING, DRAMA, MUSIC, and TEAMBUILDING. We are excited to offer all of these components for each of our groups throughout the weeks and months of the school year. Each child will have the opportunity to experience each of the school age rooms as well as our fabulous 10 acre park backyard at Natoma Station!

CLUBS: In addition to our components we offer age intensive clubs. Every 2 – 4 weeks we will offer our different age groups a variety of clubs to enjoy. Each club will fall into the arena of our components for example; A painting Club for ART, or a Cake Baking club for COOKING. We will also hold specialized clubs such as EVENT PLANNING and PHOTOGRAPHY implemented by staff who specialize in these areas. These clubs will be held for an hour Monday – Thursday.

HOMEWORK: Parent’s love our HOMEWORK CLUB. For 45 minutes Brighton will offer a special club geared to helping our children get their homework done. Homework club staff will offer assistance and a great learning environment for our school age children to get their work done. Children are responsible for attending and completing their own work. Parents should always do the final check for completion and correction- but we will help with time and space!

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