Tuition and Fees

Brighton Schools understands that in today’s world, cost versus benefit is a very real scenario for parents. Our goal is to offer a program that is of the highest quality, using rigorous yet age appropriate curriculum and the best in teaching talent within a secure and loving environment. We want to provide this as a “total package” that is fairly represented in our tuition. The costs to provide a quality education, to a Brighton Private School student, is covered solely through tuition.

Several schedules are provided that account for students who will attend for only Private School or students who will attend Before and After School as well. We offer two tiers, one for families who prefer to pay in cash, credit card, or personal check and one for families who prefer to pay with EFT (electronic funds transfer/ bank to bank). Our EFT is a discounted rate.

We offer discounts for families who have more than one child/ student with the Brighton system, as well as for those families who work for qualified employers. Ask the administration staff to see if your employer qualifies. We also offer tuition discounts for families that opt to pay annually or semi-annually.

Our tuition is all inclusive, meaning we provide what is needed for a student’s basic experience here. We provide all school day used materials as well as cover the cost of meals, transportation, local field trips and much more. Parents of older grades may need to provide field trip monies for those trips that are out of the local area.

Our schedule for Private School is 42 weeks or 10 months. Tuition may be paid monthly, annually or semi-annually. Holiday camp days/ minimum days are optional in attendance, and are provided for a one day charge. See Enrollment Contract for more information.

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