Brighton’s days are full of activity, academics, fun and friends. There is always something happening beyond the scope of a typical school day. Whether it is an assembly or spirit day, a S.T.E.A.M session or a Fun Friday event, students are consistently engaged with their school community. Our older students have various opportunities to work with younger students in mentor-ship roles. All Brighton students are invited to be in specific academic or social based challenges. Diversity is celebrated and highlighted as a regular part of our program and specifically at the end of the year in our Holidays Around the World event.


Our uniform is an important part of the Brighton School’s identity. By uniting the students in attire, we build a community that shares school pride and raises the student’s responsibility in being a team member. Uniform is required Monday – Thursday. We end the week with Free Dress Fridays where uniform is not required but our basic dress code is.

Uniforms consist of plain hunter green, yellow or white tops (with or without our logo). Bottoms are dark navy (non faded denim is acceptable) or khaki. Tennis shoes are required daily and especially on PE days. The dress code is simple yet modest. For more information Click Here: Uniform / Dress Code.

Meal Program:

Good nutrition is essential to academic success. We ask that students arrive for school well fed and ready to learn. Both a morning snack consisting of a minimum of two food groups and lunch consisting of a minimum of three food groups, are included in the tuition. All meals are prepared on site, by our schools cook. Each menu is prepared considering the tastes of our students and the nutritional benefits. We prepare dishes that are balanced and provide a good ratio of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We are a peanut free school and we also prepare food without tree nuts in general. Families are always welcome to bring their own cold lunches in for students, we cannot heat up meals. All food must be free of peanuts and not processed around peanuts.

Parent Volunteer Hours:

Building a positive and effective school community requires participation, enthusiasm and inspiration by all of that community’s stakeholders. Parents are a very important members of our team and their support for our school is essential. We know, through our experiences, that the students of parents who are engaged and active in the school community are more confident and successful. Children watch and absorb parent behaviors and if those actions signal a healthy and positive bond to the school, children will also react positively.

Twenty five hours of parent volunteer time is required per child (40) if there are two children enrolled. Volunteer opportunities are abundant, and meet the needs of working parents who have schedules that may or may not allow helping during school hours. Chances to help teachers, chair events, cut out or prep projects at home, complete work on the computer, attend and drive on field trips as a chaperone are some popular choices, but only a few on a long list of big and small projects we have.

Parent volunteer tasks also greatly support our school mission in adding facets to our program or putting on events. Parent time, talents and resources have accomplished projects such as building our school garden, creating an incredible Annual Art Auction or hosting fundraisers for example. This level of support allows teachers and school administration to focus on education and student growth as well as enjoy the benefits of parent work.

Booster Club:

Our Brighton Booster Club is an organized club dedicated to the business of bettering Brighton and accomplishing tasks. Our club is headed by a president, vice president and secretary. The club meets monthly in the evening to discuss projects, organize events and provide feedback to school staff. Our club also discusses WASC criteria and school growth initiatives.

The Brighton Booster Club is also a great way for parents to meet and build relationships with one another.

Even though this is a meeting focused on accomplishing tasks, there is a fair share of fun and laughter- COMMUNITY BUILDING. Free childcare and pizza help busy working parents to attend.

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