Kinder Camp

Brighton Schools-Kinder Camp'Welcome to our Kinder Camp! The Kindergarten year is extremely important. This year marks the transition from preschool to elementary and is a year in which your child will go through many changes.

Kinder Camp was created to allow your child more time to make this significant change without rushing into a new environment unprepared academically and emotionally. We will give your child every opportunity to experience a Kindergarten class through a slow paced, fun and exciting program. This program will also allow the teacher to assess and evaluate a child so that their parent can be made aware of your child’s attributes as well as developmental concerns. Supplementary materials will be made available so that parent and teacher can address individual needs throughout the summer.

Besides a modified elementary camp program, your child will be introduced to the wonderful, HABITATS OF THE WORLD and will journey with us to these habitats through language arts, science, cooking, arts and crafts, computer programs, excellent field trips and much, much more. We will review Land Of The Letter People and Math Their Way so that they never lose touch with their academic experience of the past year.

This camp is a must for those children who have not attended a preschool program to date and need the opportunity to experience an organized, social learning environment before they start elementary school, as well as a great experience to end their preschool years.

Join us for a summer of unforgettable experiences, education, and growth!

Kinder Camp camp is available at our Levy, and Folsom-Auburn Road locations. Call your desired school for more information.

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"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." ~Stacia Tauscher

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